Sunday November 20, 2022 - Sport Cards - Hash Auctions

Sunday November 20, 2022 - Sport Cards

Sunday November 20, 2022 - Sport Cards

First lot closes at 6:04 pm

Please Note:  THIS Online Auction will have a different format on closing. Only one lot will close at time.  No other lots will close while there is active bidding on the first lot.  We are offering this type of auction closing for the convenience of you the bidder, since the items are all similar.  This gives the bidder ample opportunity to bid on one or all of the lots.  The auction may take longer to close.  Please take advantage of our MAX BID feature for our auctions.


When placing a bid, the system will ask you to verify your bid.  AT THAT TIME look at your bid amount and double check the decimal point.  Decimal points matter. You cannot change a bid once placed.  AGAIN verify your bid.  We have a dual verification in place for you to catch your errors before you place the bid.




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